Writing Prompt: Sunless Sky & Tortured Romance

The object of any writing prompt is to get you thinking outside the box. These are just suggestions. If this, perhaps, it spurs you in another direction, you don’t have to follow the rules, but just in case you’re stuck for ideas, try the below and see what happens.


Beneath a sunless sky.


Tortured romance.

Unusual Objects:

A kazoo, a bottle of wine, and a feather.

Putting it all together

Now, your job is to put these things, or at least most of them and create a single scene that brings all these things together. Try to think outside the box. A tortured romance could be, a stalker, lost lovers, a serial killer… use your imagination. A sunless sky could be a cloudy day, night time, an eclipse, or any number of things. The three objects are necessary, but it does make things a bit of a challenge.

If you don’t like this one, check the blog for others to try.

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