A Trip Through the Beautifully Grim

Hello everyone, I found this today while browsing through DeviantArt. This beautifully grim image just wowed me.

You can find it here: http://frider.deviantart.com/art/Bloody-Autumn-11580433

You can find it here: http://frider.deviantart.com

Sometimes there are just images that make you take notice. I wish prose was so easy to capture, not that this particular art form is in any way easy, but writing is a very very long process, filled with rewrites while trying to fill an entire novel with images like this and a solid story to match.

I’ve put this here as a reminder to remember to show the world around the characters. To make their world come alive, since I sometimes forget that half the story is, in fact, the view through the window as much as the characters and their view of themselves and others.

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