Plot Bunnies from Hell

Death to Plot Bunnies!

Death to Plot Bunnies!

I have been working my ass off trying to finish my chapter outline before the final rewrite of Alpha Born my major WIP, but I get so bored with the necessity of drawing them out. I would really rather just watch paint dry. With the previous two draft I found the story from scratch, added things and subtracted things to see how I liked things best, this time around I have to plan it out in careful detail.

I have always been a writer than swears she hates outlining, and I do. With an utter passion. But, I have got to use one this time around to keep me focused. I have a nasty problem with plot bunnies. Plot bunnies from hell tend to start multiplying until the story is a twist of subplots and way too much ends up happening. I have hopes that an outline, if I follow it *crosses fingers*, will help me keep these nasty little rodents at bay.

Wish me luck.

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