Books: The Writer’s Idea Book

Looking through my vast library yesterday gave me an idea.  Why not plug the books I liked (or didn’t like) new and old, giving fellow writers and readers something they might find interesting and exciting to read.  Today, I’ve randomly picked a writing book from my vast wall (yes, wall) of books.

The Writer’s Idea Book

by Jack Heffron

This is a non-fiction writing book filled with writing prompts and divided into chapters and sections. These prompts are designed with writers in mind, encouraging one to explore their emotions, voice, characters, point of view, and much more.

These are not genre oriented exercises but a vast wealth of prompts that can be used by any writer. Be you fiction, non-fiction, poetry or a screenplay writer, you’ll definitely find something worth writing about in here.

There are over 400 prompts in this book, that cover just about everything, including ideas for when you’re stuck, and thoughts on how and why an idea will shrivel up and die before you’ve written the first page.

I must admit, I liked this book, even if some of the prompts and ideas were a bit on the bland side.  Good, not great, but a handy tool to keep around.

Rank: ♥ ♥ ♥

*Rankings are based on a scale of 1-5 stars. The average being 3.

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