A Trip to the Dark Side

I have a thing for the dark and macabre, no matter the genre I happen to be writing in, I like to explore the dark. As a kid, I was always the one that would explore my grandmother’s creep old basement, find spiders and bugs and chase my sister around the yard with them, and when we once found and broken a ouiji board out in this field we use to play in, I was the one who suggested we prank the neighbors and my siblings by put all the pieces back together and say the spirits did it (true story).

Find more of the artist's work, here: http://senyphine.deviantart.com/art/The-Flying-Machine-98797128

Find more of the artist's work, here: http://senyphine.deviantart.com/

Writing dark things is a fascination of mine and is not limited to the horror genre, or things that go bump in the night. Not just blood suckers and serial killers, the dark is what scares you, what makes chills run down your spine. Finding the creep factor in mundane things. Turning what most consider normally dark things light, and best of all making the light things dark.

The imagination is a wonderful thing, don’t be afraid to explore the disturbing side of things. It don’t make you a freak or twisted (well maybe a little ;)) but it’s fun. Don’t be afraid to have fun, be cruel or take a trip into the darkest reached of your imagination.

What’s the fun in being a writer if you can’t explore what scares you and your friends? Horror isn’t the only genre that can explore the dark.

Have fun and good writing to you all.

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