Writing Prompt: Blinding Addiction

Please support DeviantArt Artists and check explore of of the artist's work: http://wiersz.deviantart.com/

Please support DeviantArt Artists and explore the artist's work here: http://wiersz.deviantart.com/

If that title and image don’t give you an interesting idea alone, here’s something to help it along.

One of your favorite characters has suddenly gone blind while away from the security of his/her home.

How would your character react in such a situation? How do you describe something like a hospital room without being able to see it? What about their first trip outside?

This is mostly to help you look outside the box. Visuals don’t always give the full sense of what a character is experiencing. They have other senses too. What does a walk in the park feel like? The sun, the wind, the snow. What about sounds what can they hear? But most of all, what can they smell? The flowers, the freshly cut grass, can they smell the salt of the ocean, the bitter tang of blood, or ripe musk of a passing vagrant.

I happen to think the sense of smell is never used enough. Explore a blind character and see what other senses you can use to shape their world.

Happy writing everyone.

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