Writing Prompt: Late Night Stroll

The wind is howling, the tick of neon signs hum overhead and cast a pink glow through the fog. The thickening mist floats across the harbor, muting the sounds of raging waves. Something is moving through the fog, the smoke twirls around it’s head as it begin to emerge with a short hobbled gate. The scratch of sandy against concrete grows louder as the figure moves. Closer and closer…. It’s— a midget in a pink dress smoking a cigar.

Hehe. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

Mood, it plays a big roll in what you’re trying to get across. Like a movie director setting up shots to enhance the mood of what’s about to happen.

Have you ever seen the movie, Death to Smoochy? I love that movie. There’s a scene in it where Rainbow Randolf is in the back alleys cooking up a surprise for Smoochy. They’re cookies. We know they’re going to be bad ones too, but we don’t know why. The scene is dark and desperate, and Rainbow Randolf is clearly off his rocker. Later Rainbow Randolf switches his cookies for the cookies Smoochy is supposed to give to the kids, on his kiddie show. We’re thinking poison at this point, but it turns out the cookies are shaped like penises. Smoochy saves the day by saying they’re rocket ships.

That’s what mood can do. It can make you think one thing and then switch things up and hit you with a wow.

You’re prompt for today is to take a late night stroll, either set the mood as dark and grim or light and lively and then switch it up. Maybe your character is expecting his/her lover to jump out from behind a parked car after your character played a practical joke, but it turns out to be something else. Or maybe a romantic night at home turns to side aching amusement or gut wrenching terror.

Switching up the mood will not only keep you’re reader guessing, but will keep you thoroughly amused.

Good luck and good writing everyone.

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