A Trip on the Dark Side, Revisited

I recently blogged about writing horror, gore and all the things that go bump in the night, but a conversation at Romance Divas demanded I add to this little observation.

The conversation was about forced seduction, and it quickly turned to the stigmata that has some how made this fantasy un-PC. About a week before, there was another comment by a writer concerning such fantasies making the claim that no women really had them. Clearly this woman was not one of those with such fantasies, but considering I happen to enjoy such things, she was wrong.

During my previous blog, I made mention that a writer shouldn’t hold back because they’re afraid of what others might think when it comes to horror. This holds doubly true for romance and erotica. There will always be those who dislike, or become disturbed over the images and ideas you create and explore in your fiction, but they aren’t the audience you’re targeting.

Think of it this way. I’m an atheist (yes, I really am), and you’re writing a christian themed romance. Are you targeting me? Hell no. I wouldn’t pick up the book if it was the only thing in the doctor’s office and had a five hour wait. I’m about as far from your target audience as one could get.

My point is, that there’s someone out there that likes what you like. You may have to search a bit for the right agent, but writing what you love and exploring ideas (PC or not) that you find interesting is the key to good writing. Passion is key.

Good luck and good writing.

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