WIP Update- Edits

Well, Alpha Born, is in the process of a heavy edit. Of course, I was stupid and handed the first chapter to a friend, only to realize it needs to be combined with chapter 2 before it works at all. Oh well, I blame her for offering. lol.

042.Organize.WebEditing. I hate it. Loathe it with an utter passion. If I could pay some to do it for me… I would almost consider it. Almost. The problem with editing isn’t the language, at least not for me. The problem is making all the little twists and turns work within the context of the story. I’m not even at the language polishing phase. That’s the easy (or easier) part. I can go through and strike passives and find repetition and all that annoying little stuff later. Getting all those little twists and turns to work though, that’s hard.

I have a full mss. In pieces, and now I’m putting them all together into one coherent thing that sort of resembles a book. I’m making all those final decisions, like which subplots stay and which go. Ah, plot bunnies, as fun as they are, I loathe the little bastards at this stage. I’m pulling them out by their little fuzzy ears, examining them and wondering, should I let this little bugger stay, or skin the beast out and toss him on the BBQ for dinner.

Lucky for me, most of them are staying, because weeding them out is a pain in the ass. They create little tunnels under ground all through the pages, and finding all those little pieces where they left their mark is annoying as hell.

I read a comment by a writer once saying, adding subplots is easy, removing them is hard. I wish I could remember who said that, because I’d like to thank them for the warning. It’s not just hard, it’s a “head-desk” pounding experience.

To all those writing, but especially to all those editing, I feel your pain. Keep hacking at it. You’ll get it (or so I keep telling myself). Good luck. 🙂

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