Book Review: Skin Trade by Laurell K. Hamilton

For those who don’t know, Laurell K. Hamilton’s newest Anita Blake book, Skin Trade, was released this month. I happen to like this author. Sex and violence. Hey, what’s not to like? I read the criticism she took about her previous book, Blood Noir, so  I’m here to tell you, that if you were looking for the ‘Ass-Kicking’ Anita Blake in this story, you won’t be disappointed.

Personally, when a writer is writing a series of books, I’m more willing to let a book or two fall into the category of ‘filler’, because seriously, if characters endured what we put them through as writers, all the time, they’d be too crazy to be good characters.

The Story

Anita Blake receives a head packed in ice, at Animators Inc. with a cute little card attached. Vittorio has finally reared his ugly head again, and man is he back with a vengeance. He calls Anita to meet him in Las Vegas for a bloody game of cat and mouse. And for those following the series, can you guess what ass-kicking character might be joining our favorite heroine in the South West. If you guess one of my all time favorite characters, Edward, you’re a very good guesser.

Anita goes to Vegas which is the territory of Max and Bilib, you remember them, the Vamp Max and his white weretiger wife . Needless to say shit really hits the fan when we add weretigers and the ever present Mother of Darkness, who is constantly trying to fuck with Anita’s head. I’ll leave it at that. I wouldn’t want to ruin all the tasty treats Ms. Hamilton has for you in this novel.

The Review

The beginning of this book is a bit too much in the dialogue department and drags on a bit, but it eventually picks up once everyone stops trying to prove they have bigger balls and the story actually gets under way.

Ms. Hamilton did a fine job with the story in this one, and left plenty of interesting questions open for the next book in her series. She has Anita Blake thinking much more deeply about work vs her own non-human self, than the character has in previous books. This might have been a tad heavy in the angst, but I have a feeling it’s a set up for the future, so I’m not bitching.

For those wondering if this has sex in it, I will say, of course. One juicy little section of… twin sex and I won’t give away the details of the other. Though I wish the twin sex had been played up a bit more. Hell, I don’t read these books just for the violence, I read them for the sex too!

Anyway, great book, even with it’s few flaws. I give Ms. Hamilton four beauty marks for this tasty read.

Rank: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

*Rankings are based on a scale of 1-5 stars. The average being 3.

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One response to “Book Review: Skin Trade by Laurell K. Hamilton

  1. There’s violence in Anita Blake stories? I didn’t notice… I was too busy focusing on the hot men and steamy sex.

    Anyways, sounds like a good on… definately has some seeds planted for future books in the series.

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