Thursday Thirteen: Procrastination

Okay, here’s a little something for you. We all have times when we get into procrastination mode. Here are 13 ways I procrastinate instead of doing what I should be doing, editing.

1) Popword – a cool little game I play to kill time and still feel like I might be doing something writing related. Hey, I’m still working with words after all.

2) The Dragon Cave – a cool little forum game I play with some of the Diva and Diva Dudes at RD.

3) Romance Divas – yeah, a great place to procrastinate with other writers.

4) SFF Chronicles – another forum I tend to frequent.

5) Rum & Monkey – oh, you don’t want to go here. You’ll spend hours having fun with the amazing little tests and generators people have created, or you’ll find that you can make your own and it’s all over with.

6) – Interesting place to visit

7) Something Awful: The internet makes you stupid – You have got to check out the pranks. OMG, some of them are hilarious!

8 ) – I’m not sure if Pandora Radio is procrastination, but sometimes I do start looking up lyrics to song, so I guess it is at times.

9) Wordle – Oh, I found this link on RD and haven’t been the same since. lol.

10) The Seventh Sanctum – oh my, you could get lost here. There are all sorts of random generators here. If your stuck for a story idea, stop by for a visit and you may never leave.

11) Write or Die – Not so much a procrastination tool, but a motivation tool. Fun to try, but I’ve never been up for kamikaze mode.

12) Cryptoquote – I love these, my DH brings the paper home from work so I can do these at home.

13) In closing, I will leave you with this.


Happy Thursday everyone.


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16 responses to “Thursday Thirteen: Procrastination

  1. I love running Pandora in the background while I’m writing. It actually keeps me at it longer.

  2. Your procrastination sounds better than mine, which is usually something like doing the dishes.

  3. You. Are. EVIL!

    Now how am I supposed to get any work done? Huh? HUH?

    Seriously, I’ve already opened several of these up in other tabs to check ’em out.


    Happy TT!

  4. 1,3,8,9 and 12 I like a lot. I also have been know to haunt Yahoo Literati.

  5. cmtorrens

    I actually forgot one. Somehow I missed it when looking at my bookmarks. Here you go:

  6. Oh yeah … ditto that! Especially Romance Divas! LOL Happy Thursday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I don’t call it procrastination….it’s research lol
    Happy T13!

  8. Jen

    OMG! My TT is also on procrastination. I use Hulu to avoid writing/edits.

  9. Good one! My own latest procrastination guilty pleasure is Second Life. However, I have found a way to still be productive there even while it feels like I am goofing off. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Our T13 is up at the MMC blog. Check it out:

  10. Yay for Romance Divas! And that pic is too funny!


  11. Great. I didn’t need help in this area. lol.

    *wanders off to check out the sites*

  12. Sophia Parkwood

    I am barely resisting the urge to click on those links. Divas is my favorite place to procrastinate though I try to reason with myself that I’m talking to other writers. And we never talk about anything but our current wips, never ever. Happy Thursday!

  13. *Snicker* Love your number 13! Great list!

  14. I am resisting clickign these links. I am. I AM.

    Or not.

    Hello, I’m Flicka and I’m a procrastinator. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. LOL – I loved the last one. As if I need more excuses to procrastinate!!!

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