Writing Prompt: Setting and Mood

I happen to be one of those writers that have to add this type of stuff after my draft is complete. I see it all in my head, I just forget to write it down, assuming the reader is some sort of mind-reader that can somehow see what I didn’t write.

So, for your writing prompt today, I give you, setting and mood.


See more from the artist here: http://lorency.deviantart.com/

Choose a landscape, either the one above, or choose another. It could be your setting from one of your stories, or a photo that you like. Describe the image from your POV character’s perspective. Now think of your character’s current mood or the mood you wish to portray. Remember that your character’s mood reflects how he or she sees the same image.

Set a timer and write on that setting alone for 15 minutes. Don’t stop, this is a free writing exercise. Make sure you add your characters emotions to what he or she see. Make sure you use as many of the other senses as possible.

With the above picture, the character might feel the spray of water from the falls, hear the sounds of the birds, and smell the water in the air. Or the birds might sound like begging vultures, and the water might hold the slight scent of sewage.

Read? Set? Write!

Feel free to post what you write. I do love seeing what people come up with.

Good writing to you.

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