Writing Prompts: Five Fun Quickies

Since I’ll be busy for the next couple of days, I leave you with these fun quick prompts to fill your time.

1) Nocturnal Slumber

Write about the night, a sleeping person (it doesn’t have to be human) and incorporate a live jazz band and three blind mice into your piece.

No time limit, no word count limit, just have fun with it.

2) Something Dripping

Write about something dripping and gooey. Incorporate something with extremely long hair, a handful of marbles and the sound of chimes.

No time limit, no word count.

3) A Play on Words

Create a rhyme about something out of the ordinary. There are already rhymes about shoes, clocks, mice, pumpkins, and much more, so try something modern, like a DVD player,  blender or garbage disposal.

No time limit, no word count.

4)  Unusually Erotic

Write about something not normally considered erotic and make it erotic. A steak for example, I don’t usually get hot and bothered by steak, but perhaps you can show me steak in a new light.

Here are some ideas:

A steak, a rolling pin, a fountain pen, a quarter, a pair of glasses, the Wall Street Journal, politics, or a bottle of aspirin.

No word count, no time limit.

5) The Magnified World

Write a piece as if your character were suddenly much small, like an ant, or even a small child. Show how big things are including distances.

No word count, no time limit.

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