Worldbuilding is More Than Aliens and Fairies

Beyond the Obvious

san_francisco_skylineIf you write of fantasy and sci-fi, I’m sure you’re very familiar with worldbuilding. Magic and science have to have rules and laws. Aliens or other worldly beings they need to have strengths, weaknesses, evolution, and a history. This is world building 101 and writers of these genre can spend a great deal of time trying to figure out the logics of their worlds. However, worldbuilding isn’t limited to just genre writing, it belongs in all writing of fiction.

When invent a town where your characters meet or live, that’s world building, if your characters have friends and enemies, live in Boston or go to school, that’s worldbuilding. If they live in a house, that’s world building. You are creating a world, an environment, in which your characters reside. Worldbuilding is the pretty little props found on your set, it is the stage, the setting, everything around your little actors that you send on their adventure.

Showing this world can be difficult, but setting and mood are key, not only to building a believable backdrop for your characters, but for making the entire story come to life. When your world is alive, the place has character and meaning, bringing a new and refreshing look to your story.

Imagine a movie with a constantly blurry background, all you see is the characters. Now, that’s not a bad thing, but you add a whole new dimension when you can actually see the city scape in the background.

So, don’t forget your worldbuilding, no matter what genre you happen to be writing. Clear the focus and let the backdrop play a role in your story or novel.

Happy writing everyone.

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