Thursday Thirteen: You Know You’re a Writer When…

13 Ways to Know if You’re a Serious Writer


1) When you take a pad and pencil to bed with you, just in case you have a “brilliant idea” just before you fall asleep.

2) When you’ve considered if your laptop or alphasmart is waterproof enough to take into the bathroom with you during a relaxing bath.

3) When you realize your characters really are trying to tell you something.

4) When your characters simply refuse to do as you want them to and you end up changing an entire scene to their desires.

5) When you have a store of knowledge concerning random information, such as, the breed habit of exotic animals, or 101 untraceable poisons.

6) When you start asking your friends how best to kill and maim people.

7) When you can answer random questions about certain areas of expertize, such as physics, history, or mythology, and never took a class on the subject beyond high school.

8 ) When you know what the following acronyms stand for: POV, MC, FMC, MMC, WC, WIP and MSS.

9) When you measure books by word counts rather than pages.

10) When staring for hours at a blank screen is hard work.

11) When you debate whether to go out for a night on the town or write.

12) When you’d rather stay at home to write than go out.

13) When you start looking at things and wondering how you could describe such a scene in your current story.

Happy T13 everyone!


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15 responses to “Thursday Thirteen: You Know You’re a Writer When…

  1. Just yesterday I taught my daughter to take a pad and needle to be with her. I showed her the thick notebook full of ideas I collected that way.

  2. I totally know #8! And it worries me! rofl
    Great T13!

    Our T13 is up at the Midnight Moon Cafe:

  3. Ack! That’s me! That’s me! However, I must add “asking friends what their favorite kink is” for research while working on a book.

    Great post & Happy TT

    Mine’s at

  4. Number 6…there are reasons people are afraid of me. *WEG*

  5. I think I passed the test!

  6. Wow. I’ve been a serious writer for most of my life, judging by this…

    Good to know! LOL!

    Thanks for sharing these – I must print them out as a reminder for all around me. I think I’ll make flyers! 😉

    Happy TT!

  7. These are all so familiar. Except #11. Yep, not alot of going out on the town for me lately, so that choice hasn’t exactly been a problem.

  8. LOL strange but true. I guess I’m a serious writer
    Fun list
    Happy T13!

  9. So true! Especially #13 – I look at everything now and go, hmm…that light is sort of silvery. How could I really show that on paper? Great list!

  10. Jen

    Yep. That’s alllllll true.

  11. Totally! Great list! Love number 4! LOL!


    My TT is at

  12. wow. it’s me! lol. Great list.

  13. Can I add one? When your daughter says something so funny you try to fit it into your current ms.

    Happy TT.

  14. Ya got me on number 10 and 13.

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