A Personal NanoWriMo Debate

nano_09_blk_participant_120x240.pngI’m currently having the yearly NaNoWriMo debate with myself. (For those who don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, Click here) Should I finish editing my current WIP which I want to have ready by early next year, or should I take a break and go NaNo during November.

This is not an easy decision for me. Last year was the first year is 6 years of doing NaNo that I didn’t complete my 50k. Life invaded and to be honest, I really didn’t bother. This year I have decided to make an active choice, either try it or don’t. That way I don’t  feel bad when I don’t complete it and can spur myself on to either doing my edits or my NaNo.

Decisions, decisions.

On the plus side, NaNo is a motivator like none other. I can usually finish my 1st rough draft in one month and have fun with dozens of other writers and make all sorts of new friends.

On the bad side, I’d feel guilty about letting this current WIP sit and gather dust for a month while I work on something else. If I don’t make my goal of Feb. 2010, I’ll really be kicking myself since this is the first time I actually have set a goal on the completed edits and want to get it done.

So, I have just over two weeks to make my decision. Neither of which I’m feeling particularly comfortable with this year. A friend suggested doing both, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to switch voices so easily. I’m usually a linear type of writer and like to blast off and don’t worry about anything but the current project until the draft is done.

Eh, we’ll see. I still have two weeks to decide before I need to hunker down and decide on what to write.

Yeah, I’m a spur of a moment  kind of gal.

I’ll let you know what I decide. Chime in if you have thoughts on the subject.

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