Writing Prompts: Five Fun Quickies

Five quick and fun writing prompt for you to enjoy. These have no word count or time restrictions. The only thing I encourage is to think outside the box. How can you interrupt these things in new and unique ways? Of course, that isn’t necessary. These are prompts, designed to give you ideas when nothing else comes to you.

1)  A Gift from You to Me

Write about a gift. If your character could give you a gift, what would it be? Pretend your character has that ability for a short period of time. What would they give you? Would they give you hug, new pair of shoes, a new keyboard, a better agent, or… a bullet to the chest and a vial of poison just to be sure they got the job done right.

2) Unusual Celebration

A character of yours has walked into a bizarre celebration. Something that normally isn’t celebrated. What type of celebration is it and what type of characters would celebrate such an unusual thing.

Ideas: 1st year anniversary of a broken blender, 5 year anniversary of ones Rogaine treatments,  a Viagra party, a fairy’s first tooth party, the celebration of the first wheel.

3)  A Dragon’s First Flight

Aww, your baby dragon is about to take it’s first steps out of the cave/cliff/nest. But how exactly does Momma, Daddy or Caretaker feel about this? Explore the parental figure in this as well as “baby”‘s excitement or nerves over this new leap.

4) Feel the Burn

For those more morbidly inclined…. How about the burning of someone, or thing (if you don’t like the first idea). Show us the details of the burning, touch all the senses if possible. Try adding the following items. Popcorn, and a single rose.

5) Lost in a Pocket

Your character has borrowed another persons multi-pocketed coat. What does your character find and what does this say about the owner of the coat?

I hope these inspired some good ideas. Have fun and good writing to you.

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