Thursday Thirteen: Halloween Decor

Since I forgot about this until… uh, now, I’m rushing to put this together. So, I thought I’d share my favorite Halloween decorations with you.

1) im86KR3jFpGPoqnvMp3EsIog==Demon Baby one of my favorites in my collection of Halloween stuff. I would show you a real picture, but my camera seems to be dead and I’m running out of time to post this week’s 13. We call him, Baby Dread and he has veins of blue and red unlike the pict on the left. He even came with his own bottle of blood. Cute, eh?

We picked him up a couple of years ago at Spencers. He’s one of my favorite Halloween decorations.

2) Stuffed Owl. I have this awesome stuffed owl. He looks real. The feathers are real and he’s sweet. I stick him inside this old clock I have that’s broken but has a glass bottom with one of those pendulums in the bottom. The pendulum’s lost but it makes a great place to stick my owl.

skull_view3) Werewolf Skull. DH happened to find this awesome little find last year. A werewolf skull. Very realistic looking, made of ceramic. It sits in the middle of my massive coffee table. We get a lot of complements on this one. My niece has twice tried to talk us into  giving it to her.

I love her an everything, but HA! Keep your paws off my toys. LOL.

4) Hellraiser Puzzle Box. I spent a little money on it, but certain Halloween decorations I’ll spend a bit of cash on if I really like them. My Puzzle Box is one of them. I’m a huge Hellraiser fan, so we picked it up as a bit of a splurge a couple of years ago.

DU2285[1]5) The Gargoyle. We have a gargoyle that looks an awful lot like this one here. Except the wings move on ours and it growls at people who pass by.

Hehe, I put this on the porch when I give out candy and it moves when kids come up to trick-or-treat. I scare more kids that way. Hey, what’s Halloween without a few scares and terrified screams?

6) Glowing Red Skull Fogger. It’s not one of those that you put outside, this is an indoor one that plugs in, glows red and smoke comes out of his eyes. We just picked him up last year after Halloween. That’s the way we get most of our Halloween gems. 25% off is the best time to buy the following years Halloween decorations.

41CABCD9V2L7) Severed Heads. We have a growing collection of them. A brides heads, a cool scarecrow head, a severed head with a giant hook through it, a vampire head and an old witch head. We hang them in our pine tree outside every year and put a collection of tombstones beneath.

8 ) Blood and Skulls Fountain. I got this cool fountain several years ago for really cheap because it has a chip on the lip of the fountain. You can barely see it. $80 fountain for half the price.

It’s a mountain of skulls that ooze out water into a bowl of bones below. I tend to add a bit of food coloring so that we get that nice blood effect. Besides, the red shows up better against the off white bones.

9) Severed limbs. We have a nice collection of them. Arms and legs I put out and add a few of my giant rats and cobwebs. Hehe. I once did the entire living room up like a dungeon.

gortrait10) Spooky Portraits. There’s a fine balance between spooky and gaudy. I happen to think my SIL goes overboard. I am a true believe in quality over quantity. I happen to think that casual spookiness will disturb people far more than wall-to-wall coverings.

For this reason I really enjoy taking down my pictures and putting up these haunted pictures. I think these really do add a nice spook factor to any home.

11) Giant Spider. One year I built this mock terrarium out of one of our old 20 gal. fish tanks. I put my bigger-than-my-hand sized spider inside and added a severed limb covered part of it in artificial webbing. The effect was very nice. I might do that again this year.

2029212) Skull and Bones Chimes. Ahh, every year I pull down my metal chimes and put up my bones and skull chimes. They shake and make clinking noises when the motion detector goes off. I’ve scared more visitors that way since the chimes sit by my front door.

13) My Creations. I’ve made several things over the years, but I’m especially proud of the paper mache dummy torso. I built it with chicken wire and paper mache and took me about a month to complete. *sniff* The mice have attacked it though.  We had it in the garage and well, let’s just say I wasn’t pleased this fall when I saw my dummy. If I had known earlier I would have fixed the damage, but it’s too late now. I threw some rags on him and he’ll be climbing out of the graves when we get the graveyard completed.

Happy T13


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15 responses to “Thursday Thirteen: Halloween Decor

  1. Wow, what fun decorations. I so envy you all in the US. This is one holiday I really wish we celebrated.

    • cmtorrens

      You should start your own little celebration! I always encourage the frightening of small children and even better, would-be brave adults. lol

  2. My kids would love your house! We always stop to check out the well decorated places. I’d love to have something like those chimes. Chimes are awesome and these look fun.

  3. I love when folks go all out for Halloween. 🙂 Your house must be the most fun on the block, so to speak. Heh.

    Happy TT!

  4. Okay, that baby is totally freaking me out. LOL Great list! Happy Thursday!

  5. Awesome. I hope you get some pics to share with us. Very kewl.
    Happy T13!

  6. Jen

    Oh man! I’ll bet your house is a BLAST to visit on Halloween.

  7. Demon Baby? That would totally freak me out! Cool list! Happy T13!

  8. cmtorrens

    I’ll try to find my wires for my camera before next week and post picts of my house. By then, we should have everything almost done. We try to save the grave yard for last. My dogs like to carry pieces of my skeletons away.

  9. I have a thing for bones and skulls. (I have a collection of real ones. – another story) I love to dress up as a witch and wear the bones as part of my costume.

  10. Eeek! That baby’s just to scary! LOL! Fun TT!


    My TT is at

  11. I love seeing all the decorated yards this time of year. Personally, I would LOVE that gargoyle with moving wings. Hehe…

  12. We used to have gargoyles all over the house. Not as Halloween decorations. They are part of Mr. Al’s collection. He’d have them out now, but we have no room in the trailer house.

  13. Super creepy!

    We used to have a skeletal bride and groom, but we got rid of them because they kept turning to face the house and were freaking us out. lol.

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