The Writing Blahs & NaNoWriMo


Less than two weeks before NaNo begins and I have the writing Blahs. This is a common occurrence for me. Every year, like clockwork, while other people’s excitement for the NaNoWriMo contest grows, I get the blahs.

It’s not that I’m not excited. I love NaNo. The frantic pace, the new friends, the tension and nerves fluttering in my stomach… it’s fantastic fun. No, I get the Blahs because, I get worried about writing.

I’m the type of writer that likes to keep things fresh, so I don’t work from an outline, I work from a beginning and write my way to the idea I have for the ending. I get the blahs, because I start thinking too much about the story I’m going to write in T-minus 2 weeks. I start thinking characters and how the hell I’m going to work my way all the way to the end of the story.

Worse still, if I think too hard, I convince myself it’s not a very good story at all, and I’m not sure if I can really write it.

Almost every year, I begin on Nov. 1st and switch stories 5 days in and start again. Some might be saying, OMG are you insane? Well, I do NaNoWriMo every year, that should answer your question right there. But this year… I really like the story I’ve chosen, and I’m hoping I don’t start again at day 5 and begin again on a different story.

This year I have a bit more incentive to actually finish since last year was the first year I didn’t make the bare minimum of 50K. I could blame a lot of things, but they’d just be excuses. I usually have no problem hitting around 80-90K each year. I use NaNoWriMo to finish my first rough draft, not just 50k, so not having completed a mere 50k kind of shows you my head really wasn’t in the game.

Well, off to write something besides my Dante story and definitely not my planned story. Hmm, I think I’ll wander my own prompts today. Maybe I’ll be able to conjure a short story out of the deal and get my mind off my major projects for a couple of weeks.

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