Thursday Thirteen: Tribute to Steampunk

Happy Thursday 13 Everyone!

I have a thing about steampunk. I love the look of it, the awesome and classic feel of it all. So for your viewing enjoyment, I give you 13 amazing steampunk treasures. I found these while browsing Google and had to share these awesome finds.

1) A steampunk mouse. Yes, an actual working mouse. Simply Beautiful. I wish I knew someone who could fashion me something like this.steampunk-mouse

2) What good is a mouse without the computer to go with it? spc

3) What’s a computer without the keyboard? Seriously.steampunkpc

4) But a desktop is so hard to lug around. Perhaps something more portable is needed for your computing needs. steampunkLaptop2

5) But what if you need to take your work with you? A definite steampunker must-have. Flashsticks are soo important these days.steampunk-usb-jump-drive_1

6) What good is all this great gear without the fashion? Ladies, what do you think? Call me strange, but I love it!Kat Bret


7) Let’s not forget the gentlemen. What do you think guys? Classic, or never in this life time?


8 )  Aww, how about some of the cutest toys you’ve ever seen?

Steampunk Face


9) When it comes to Steampunk, you can’t forget the goggles.


10)  How about some fashion accessories ladies?


11) One never knows what they’ll run into in the Steampunk universe. Don’t forget to grab your Nerf guns!



12)  But music is said to sooth the savage beast, right? Check out these. And yes, that is an ipod.



13) Last but not least, no one leaves home without their cell phone these days. So don’t forget yours.


Well, that’s it from me. Happy T13, and I hope you enjoyed this week’s amazing finds. 😀


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22 responses to “Thursday Thirteen: Tribute to Steampunk

  1. For the first time, I actually get what steampunk is Thanks for the visuals! Very kewl Happy T13

    • cmtorrens

      I’m so glad! Lots of people have a hard time with the concept. It’s Victorian with a grunge and modern twist. Steam power and beautiful brass and wood. *sigh* beautiful stuff. Traditionalists scream for hand-made everything and actual steam power. 😀

  2. These are all great pics, but I love that guitar. Love it! Kewl.

  3. I count the duds as classic, but there’s no way I’ll get my dh to try them.

  4. Wow, these are just…wild! Thanks for sharing!

  5. These are great. The visuals helped me get it too.
    I could totally go for those outfits.

  6. I see… So then “Wild Wild West” was heading in that direction, then?

    Not that it actually made it there, I don’t think.

    Interesting 13, though – thanks for helping clarify the concept! 🙂

    Happy TT!

    • cmtorrens

      I think I’d call ‘Wild Wild West’ on the fringe of Steampunk. Like the first steps in the right direction. The rest of the world wasn’t quiet up to Adam West’s inventiveness, so perhaps, if given another 10-20 years, Adam West’s world would have been much more steampunk based.

  7. Great pics! 🙂 I love steampunk too.

  8. inezkelley

    I like a few items but I am not keen on steam punk. I think it warps my already warped mind in the wrong direction

  9. Jen

    OMG! Those are SO EFFING COOL!!!!! I absolutely love all those pics. Fantastic.

  10. Wow! These images are terrific! I particularly love the steampunk mouse and the doll. This is totally inspiring me for a story! THANK YOU!

  11. Interesting TT! I don’t know much about steampunk, but it sounds like it might be cool!


    My TT is at

  12. Sophia Parkwood

    Those are all so cool! My son has one of those Nerf guns, do you think he would get mad if I painted it? Happy Thursday!

  13. Those are cool. I can’t say I’m a huge steampunk fan, but I’m willing to be converted. 😉

  14. skye

    hey what’s the source on those camera shutter goggles? i’d like to know where i can get a pair

  15. Mars

    when i can buy the googles at the point 9?

  16. I NEED those Nerf guns!!! How can I get/make one? I am so in love with everything – Are any of these things ever for sale?

  17. Keith

    For anyone that cares. True steampunkers will buy materials and create their own attire ( for instance buy a pair of goggles, then whatever you what to fix to them). Some things will need more work than others, but the finish result is something you can take pride in knowing its an original ( unless you just copied someone else idea) either way you still made it and thats something to be proud of

  18. dude, i don’t get it. all this newfangled shit, fucking ipods and laptops and shit — no matter how you disguise it … it’s still the opposite of steampunk. steampunk is more than the appearance, all the gears, cogs, and gauges are supposed to actually do something. gluing them onto the outer skin of a computer chip with a backlit LCD screen kind of defeats the purpose.

    sorry for being critical. the stuff’s cool. it’s just something that bothers my brain whenever i see it …

    • cmtorrens

      Er… that computer is actually run by steam though I didn’t show it here, there were other picts of how he made it work via steam and pac-man game is crank operated, meaning it is very traditional steampunk. As for the rest, people like the feel of Victorian era things.

      😀 hope others liked it anyway.

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