Writing Friends

All week I’ve wondered what to blog about and the one thing that kept popping into my head was friends. Specifically, writing friends.

Every writer has their set of friends they look to for kind word of support, a harsh critique when its needed and sometimes just to talk and vent about the everyday troubles. These friends are invaluable, and my friends are the absolute best (though I’m sure every one feels about the same about their friends).

As a writer, friends are so important. We spend a LOT of time alone. Hours and hours in front of the computer and staring off into space. The frustrations of a something as simple as whether a character should leave for the store can be huge plot points that takes a story in a new direction. But this isn’t the only thing writing friends help with, tossing a coin can work just as well at times.

Writing friends are your support network. We exchange recipes, potty training tips, girl(or guy)-talk, family troubles, along with the occasional rant on characters, settings, and word count frustrations. We need, at times, to be reminded to get out of our heads and step into the real world. To remind us to step back and breathe.

I don’t see how writers before the internet did it. While I like my quiet time, even friend-free time, I love my friends. Without that support, I can just about guarantee I wouldn’t have sold my first story.

So, this is a little shout out to my friends. Thank you! You guys are fantastic. I couldn’t have managed my accomplishments without you. To the Rats, hugs and kisses. To the chatters, thank you, and to everyone else, big hugs all around.


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5 responses to “Writing Friends

  1. voireylinger

    Aww… We love you too. I tried this writing thing many times pre-internet and always gave up from sheer frustration. The reason it’s working now is because of my friends. They keep me going, keep me writing, and never let me give up.

    I love y’all.

    • cmtorrens

      Yep, same here. Pre-internet days I gave up after trying and then start again. You guys are the best. *hugs* Love you too, Babe.

  2. I think that’s why all those early writers were fond of writing letters to each other, but I like the instant gratification of the net. And you can you imagine re-typing a whole manuscript after edits? *flails*

    *snuggles* I love you too.

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