A Kiss to Slay the Plot Bunnies

I love writing kissing scenes. They take time for me to write because I want to get them right. The warmth, the taste, the scents, the tangle of tongue, or brush of feather soft lips. Damn, I love writing them, love reading them, I could read an entire book composed of nothing but kisses and heavy petting.

Well, maybe not. Even I need to see what happens next, but a kiss is the best foreplay in existence.

I’ve been playing with some plot bunnies recently. For those new to the term, a plot bunny is a mischievous creature that attacks writers when they least suspect it. They stalk you with their cute little lure of interesting plots, scenes and ideas. The next things you know they’ve latched on and let you think of nothing else. Deadlines could be looming, you might have a million other things you MUST get done, but the fuzzy little creatures latch on like a bear trap and won’t let go.

Never fear, I’ve found a cure. The killer kiss.

I’ve found if I write up to that one kiss scene, they’ve had their fill of my arm and turn their trap-like teeth into a gentle gnawing. This gives me time to do what I really should be doing, without completely killing the little creature. Because,  after you write that kiss, you want to see what happens next. You want to see if the heroes live happily ever after (which is questionable when it comes to my work), and whether good guys defeat bad guys.

Hmm, all this talk of kisses has my mind turning again. Damn! I think I see another bunny on the horizon.

No! Back you foul fiend! — Shit, too late.

Oh well, who doesn’t want to write a kiss, right?

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