Valentines Day and Romance

Valentine’s Day, a day of romance and love. A reminder to that person we love, that we really do care. You’d think a romance writer would insist that her DH comply with all the candy giving, and rose crap. I don’t. In fact, I rarely remember until its mentioned a few days before the 14th.

It’s not that we don’t celebrate, we do — sort of. He goes out of his way to buy me my favorite chocolate and sometimes a rose. In return, I make sure I give him his favorite dinner and he gets, uh, er, dessert.

I’ve never been one to worry about Valentine’s Day. It seems a bit contrived to me. I much prefer the simple days when we just decide to take a walk on the beach or rush out on the spur of the moment to watch the sunset over the lake. That to me is real romance. It shows me that he wants to spend time with me, and not just because some random day in February dictates he should.

We’ve been married 17 years. The fact that he still puts forth effort is flat out amazing. Then again, I lucked out. I have a man who does do things at random, and not because he thinks I’m mad at him for leaving the toilet seat up.

Valentine’s Day is special, but those others times are better. Do you have any non-Valentine Day special memories?

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