Photo Inspiration

While browsing for some inspiration this week I found two fantastic photo. Weekly mancandy, of course, but I loved the second photo too. It reminded me of this post apocalyptic WIP I’m working on. Maybe these will inspire you too.

Angelic, don’t you think? I’m in an angel mood. A dear friend and author Voirey Linger has a new book coming out in her angels series, Forsaking Eternity. We’ll get more into that next Friday, the 25th, when I give you the author herself in an interview. Yes, I actually get to interview someone special. Don’t everyone die of shock now.



Off Road, By Gilad

Off Road, by Gilad. Find more of their work here:

I love browsing and this little gem, Off Road by Gilad was well worth sharing. Don’t forget to check out the artist’s other works.

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