Interview: Author Voirey Linger, Angels and more.

Hello my all too kind readers, today I give you a very special treat. My friend, Voirey Linger has agreed to let me interview her. She must really like me because in the world of blogs I’m a boring blogger. lol

CM: Hi Hon. So, how does it feel to be able to say you’ve sold yourself twice? Er, I mean, sold two books, of course.

VL: What they say is true… It doesn’t hurt as much the second time. The thrill of that first sale was special, but I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, so there was a lot of floundering. This time I’m able to enjoy it a little more.

CM: What’s been your favorite part of the publishing process?

VL: I think my favorite part will always be the writing. Having the story come to me, getting to know the characters, that first trip down the story pathway…it’s a rush and I love it.

CM: Man, that cover is SMOKIN’ hot. I’m in love. Is that how you see Ren, your main character in Forsaking Eternity?

VL: It’s very close. Syneca has been my cover artist for both books and I think she’s done an excellent job of bringing my angels to life.

CM: Both of your books feature angelic heroes. Out of Ren and Dom which of them did you enjoy writing the most? Who was the most challenging character to write?

VL: Wow… I’m not sure that’s a fair question. When I was writing Dom, I loved him. When I was writing Ren, I loved him. I have to love my heros to write them, have to be wholly invested in that one couple to bring them to life. Once I’m done with a book, that fades, I move on to the next book, the next couple and all that love moves on, too. I can’t say I really enjoy one story more than another, because they are all a part of me.


As for challenging, Meela is becoming the challenging one. She hasn’t had a chance to show it yet, but she’s got a lot of depth and is provng to be a very interesting character.

CM: Just because I’m curious, how much world building did you do before you wrote Dom’s story, Risking Eternity, or did the world sort of build itself while you wrote it?

VL: I always have the world before I write. Worldbuilding and plotting are in place before I tackle a story of any length. Sometimes I’ll write a random scene to help with character building, but as far as actual story goes, not until I know how everything works.


For the angels, worldbuilding felt very natural. I didn’t have to debate too many questions. I knew I wanted to make my angels the kind of angels I’d grown up with. Being a pastor’s kid, this meant a very Biblical basis for them, so I relied on Judeo-Christian myth and tradition as well as actual Biblical reference. Since I was brought up on this stuff, the wor;d was already in my head. It had been taught and nurtured from childhood.


There were two points where I strayed from my childhood teachings, and I did so very deliberately. The first was what classified as a sin worthy of Hell. I had to relax that boundary to keep maggie alive long enough to have a story. The other was angel sexuality. I needed angels to be sexual beings, and it didn’t strike me as realistic that an angel who had been alive since before time would suddenly discover sexuality. They needed to be sexual creatures.

CM: Angels are hot and juicy, you have me addicted. Do you plan any others angel novels or novellas?

VL: I do, actually. And no, I’m not telling. Okay, just a hint of an idea… a question really: Can a demon find forgiveness and redemption?

CM: Forsaking Eternity was your first m/m story. What did you find was the most challenging part of writing m/m?

Everything? LOL . M/m was never my thing. I didn’t read it, didn’t write it, wasn’t interested in it. When i finished RE, I was asked if I was going to write Ren and I said no, because I knew that Ren would have a guy and I didn’t do m/m. But I’ve always said that no matter what, when a story comes to me I have to be true to it and write it as it needs to be written, not as I want it to be.Ren’s story came to me so I read some m/m, got familiar with the genre, and I wrote.

I’m not going to say it was an easy transition. Mechanics didn’t flow as easily and I have a lot of scene fails in my trash bin. This one relatively short book took me close to a year to write. But once I got things sorted in my head, it all flowed.

CM: As a huge fan of m/m, could I convince you (I will toss in free chocolate if I must) to write another m/m story?

VL: Did someone say chocolate?

CM: Okay, so tell us all about your newest novel. Pimp yourself, Babe. 😉

VL: Forsaking Eternity is about an angel with a serious case of bi-curiosity. After being kissed by another male, he realized that it turned him on a whole lot more than the females he’d been with. Homosexuality is a social sin in Heaven, so he takes his experimenting to earth, planning nothing more than a one-time fling with an interested man. When he meets Adam, the attraction is instantaneous. He wants more than a fling but he knows nothing can come of the relationship. To complicate matters further, he’s assigned the job of finding a lost Law scroll, and the Law on it could transform his growing love for Adam from a social sin to a sin in truth.

CM: I really love how Ren became such a full and fleshed out character in Forsaking Eternity after being such a dick in the first book. Did you know all this about his character while writing book one?

VL: Actually I did. While he came across as a dick in RE, in reality he was just trying to save his best friend and do what was right. He has a very strict idea of right and wrong. There is no gray area in his mind. In FE I wanted to challenge that sense of black and white legality a little bit, make him have to make some choices. I think those challenges to his personal morality really formed the backbone of this book.

CM: I think I’ve bugged you enough. I have to let you get back to writing more deliciously juicy novellas for me to devour. If you’re taking requests, more angels and m/m would be nice. 😕 Oh, did I say that out loud?

VL: You did, but you’ll have to wait. I have another trick up my sleeve, coming soon to an e-reader near you…

CM: LOL Thanks again for your time, Hon.

Forsaking Eternity by Voirey Linger

Sequel to Risking Eternity.

Voirey Linger's Forsaking EternityThere are some things an angel shouldn’t do…

Renatus is a legalist and knows the rules better than most. But knowing the Law doesn’t stop him from imagining the press of a hard, male body against his, or remembering one forbidden kiss that left him hungry for more. He leaves Heaven to mingle with mankind, hoping that satisfying curiosity will quell desire. He finds Adam, a college professor who has given up on love.

Adam once dreamed of finding the perfect man and settling down. His dreams and trust were shattered when he found out the truth about his ex. Meeting Renatus seduces Adam into taking another chance on love. But Ren is keeping secrets, and the only promise he will make is that he will leave.

Now the Most High has commanded Renatus to retrieve the Law of Men and Angels, and a vengeful demon is circling, waiting for her opportunity to strike. Staying is impossible, leaving unbearable, and Ren wants to succumb to temptation, forsaking eternity for a life on Earth with this man.

Buy Forsaking Eternity today! You can find Voirey Linger’s other books on her site, including some amazing free reads at .


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    Thanks everyone. I’m very excited about this book. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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