Fantasy Inspiration… and Leprechauns.

I think everyone needs a little inspiration. Images, little phrases, a funny limerick or conversation can inspire all sorts of ideas. You’d be amazed at the plot bunnies a group of writers can come up with at random.

A few weeks ago a group of friends and I were chatting. We got on the subject of mythical beings and someone (it might have been me) mentioned that they had never seen Leprechauns  as heroes.

By the end of the discussion, we had an entire plot about a leprechaun and a king. I do hope one of my friends writes it, but it’s much too sweet a story for me.

The image to the left is Puck’s Introduction by Mercuralis, who you can find on and has a truly amazing collection of fantasy art to buy.

But, just in case the idea of leprechauns and kings didn’t inspire any plot bunnies for you, I have some mancandy for you to enjoy.

Now if all leprechauns looked like him, I think I might write more true fantasy. 😀

Enjoy and see you all next week.


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3 responses to “Fantasy Inspiration… and Leprechauns.

  1. I should slap you … thanks for sending my plot bunnies into a frenzy! I’m going to have to saddle up, shot gun in hand and enter the mindfield that is my creative mind and send all those “new” bunnies to the grassy field in the sky!

    I so wanna write leprechaun hero’s now! My Lep Hero is now sitting next to my Fae King begging me to write them….damn you to heck 😛

  2. cmtorrens

    *insert evil laughter* Glad I could help. 😀 always glad to share my plot bunnies with the world at large.

    • I think I’m going to go Rambo on my bunnies … I’ve got Vampires Bunnies, Werewolf Bunnies, Cowboy Bunnies, Firefighter Bunnies …. and now Leprechaun Bunnies. I think I have bunnies falling out my ears….

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