Tales From CM’s House

My kids are fantastic. Bright, funny, generally pleasant to be around. My son is especially funny and enjoys making people uncomfortable, or just watching people’s reactions to what most might consider unusual. Since I’ve sold, I’ve watched him tell people what I write just to see and hear their reaction. He finds it very amusing.

When I sold, His Soul To Take, he was very excited for me. I told him what it was about and of his own accord he went about telling others. I was very curious if he would tell them it was m/m. So, when he was talking to his BFF on the phone, I admit I hovered and listened in a bit. This is how that conversation went.

DS to BFF: Dude, my mom sold her first book. It’s fuckin’ awesome. She didn’t sleep all night, she was so excited.

DS to Me: So, Mom, we gonna be rich now?

Me: I wish. But it’ll be something. A little extra cash never hurt.

DS to BFF: She says no, but she writes kick-ass shit.

DS to Me: What’s the book about again?

Me: You know what its about.

DS to Me: Gay vampires or something?

Me: NO! That was my friend’s book. Mine’s about Death. Being a Grim Reaper is a curse, and he finds a guy and falls in love, but he has to take his soul because he’s going to die —

DS to BFF: Gay Grim Reaper love story thing.

(I’m guessing the reaction was surprise here)

DS to BFF: Dude, my mom writes about all sorts of shit. Gay Grim Reaper is pretty mild for her. She writes about Shapeshifters tearing people into pieces, and … I think she’s writing about evil fairies now.

(not sure what was said here)

DS to BFF: What can I say? My mom likes guys. If I could write, I’d probably wanna write about girls.

Hehe, I love my son. He’s fantastic.

I have to admit he gives me confidence in myself that I sometimes don’t feel. He’s proud of me and could care less what anyone else might think of my writing. This from a 17  year old, it makes me proud to have raised such a great kid.

* * *

In other news, next Friday I have a fantastic interview lined up with Sasha Devlin, she’ll be telling us about her new book, In the Light of Day. She might even give away a free book, so don’t forget to check back.


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9 responses to “Tales From CM’s House

  1. Go, CM’s son! Isn’t it wonderful to have their support! Give him a hug for me, and one for yourself in congratulations for your release!

  2. cmtorrens

    Hehe, will do, and thanks! He’s a great kid.

  3. You’re son is wonderful. I love hearing stories about him. I think he summed it up perfectly. “What can I say? My mom likes guys. If I could write, I’d probably wanna write about girls.”

  4. Kids can be the best, making up for all the times they drive us up the wall. My son did a review of my first novel, Friends and Lovers. take a look, he’s such a hoot! *g*

  5. cmtorrens

    @Margie Yeah, he hit the nail on the head with that one. Hehe.

  6. Your child is amazing. I can’t picture many teenagers being alright discussing gay novels with their friends. You’ve done an excellent job raising him!
    And congrats on the book too 🙂

  7. This gives me hope that when I have kids they may actually find what I do cool 🙂 Fingers crossed!

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