A Touch of Passion Inspiration

I found some sweet pics while browsing the other days and couldn’t wait to share them. If these don’t inspire you with images of yumminess, nothing will.

Now THAT is passion. Damn, I love this pic. I wish I could remember where I found it, but my memory is like swiss cheese, full of holes.

This passion nicely contrasts this next one which is just too sweet not to post.

I love the rough guy with the adorable child in his arms. Just stunning. This image is call, I’ll Protect You, by Vaughn O’Shey his stuff is really great. I love the dark style and wonderful use of color and shading.

I hope I inspired you to create something interesting, or at the very least, brightened your day. See you next week.


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4 responses to “A Touch of Passion Inspiration

  1. ooo very nice.
    I may snag the first pic for personal consumption *grin*

  2. cmtorrens

    lol yeah, gotta love that pic. it’s one of the all time favorites in my growing collection of yummies.

  3. Nice images C. I thought I’d see if you’ve ever seen the work that Nathie, a DA artist has done? I love his work, he’s the most talented artist. I’m pretty sure most of them are m/m (well the one’s that are couples) and they are usually single person.

    God of War

    That is a new one. I really like this one and reminds me of what my Berserkers are going to be like.

  4. cmtorrens

    That’s beautiful Vivi. That’s one impressive artist.

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