Inspiration of the Day

I almost forgot about this in all the excitement of the giveaway this week. I did some quick scrambling and found these for you to enjoy.

BeautifulMag has awesome images. NSFW in many cases but really stunning stuff. It’s my go-to place for delicious inspiration and thought I’d share this piece with you guys today.

What do you think, hero material? I’m a sucker for tattoos and with abs like those, what’s not to like?


This second image is from as always. This was my scramble, though I’m not disappointed with what I found.

This image, Book of Romance is by Jian Guo . His stuff has some really great use of color and light. I really liked the mood this piece gives. An almost haunted feel.

That’s it for the inspiration this week, hope these gave you something for your muse to chew on. See you next week!


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2 responses to “Inspiration of the Day

  1. Wooo thanks for the inspiration this morning! Love the muscles. And the library scene is ethereal.

  2. That top image really helped me wake up this morning 🙂 So hawt! I love the tats and it’s making me twitch waiting for the ninth book of the BDB to arrive on my store step, he definitely has the beginnings of being one of the Brothers.

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