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Book News

His Soul To Take, By C.M. TorrensI have news. Great news. Stomach twisting and nausea inducing news. My book, His Soul To Take, has a release date of April 20th.

My first thought was, woohoo, followed quickly by a flash of nerves that nearly had me running to the bathroom. Call it stage fright or what-have-you, but ugh, my stomach threatened to rebel. I’m seriously worried if my stomach will keep itself from turning inside out on the 20th. Not a pretty image, sorry, but the truth is rarely pretty.


Simon has waited centuries for someone like Robert, but their first meeting is intended to be their last: Robert’s time on Earth is up, and it is Simon’s place to take him out of this world and into the next. Instead, Simon makes a split-second decision to save Robert’s life, though he is uncomfortably aware he has only postponed the inevitable.

Robert quickly falls for Simon, but when he notices the way Death seems to follow him around, his curiosity about Simon’s true nature turns to suspicion, all but erasing his memories of the man. Simon must fight to make him remember… and to stop Robert from making a grisly mistake.

I’m a cheap read. So maybe if you wanna, say, add it to your wish list and buy me the 20th, that’d be cool. Find me here. No pressure though. 😀

* * *

Summer Reading Trail News

For those unaware, last year a friend and fellow author, Voirey Linger did a fantastic little promo/reader thing, called the Summer Reading Trail. She gathered up links to free reads and linked everyone together in one big happy family. Some of the reads were truly outstanding.

For those who would like to get in on this bandwagon and have a free read you’d like to share with the world, she has an FAQ here, and registration form here. The trail runs for three months (May, June and July). You don’t have to participate all three months, the free reads doesn’t have to be new. ALL genre are welcome.

For readers you don’t have to do anything but bookmark the page and come back and see all the yummy reads we writers have for you to check out. Here’s a link to last years trail if you’re interested. Summer Reading Trail 2010.

I’ve prepared a special free read for this years Summer Reading Trail. Its got hot men -that’s probably a given, a bit of sadness, and death. Hmm, that seems to be a given all around. lol.

The free read, One Last Goodbye, will be released this summer during the trail, so come back and give it a read. I think you’ll enjoy it.

* * *

News My Worlds

I was so close to being what I thought was done on a WIP, working title, In The Heart of Darkness. No such luck. Just got news back from one of my trusted CPs, it needs more, full length sort of more. The WIP is now being expended into a full length m/m horror/romance. At least that means editing is put on hold. My brain was starting to thing everything I looked at sucked.

Care to see a peek of the m/m horror/romance WIP?

Devonn reached for the talisman as something tickled over his skin. He pulled the cord around his neck and stared in horror as the contents spilled over his shirt. Bits of herbs and bone and things far more valuable than precious metals dropped to the dirty floor and scattered in the wind. Everything that kept him sane and safe, broken in an instant.

He froze uncertain if he should continue. He didn’t seem to be falling apart. His thoughts were clear and his sanity seemed intact. Hunger stirred in his guts, but he had been hungry before.

Devonn stared down at the small leather pouch in his hand. Simple black leather, worn thin from constant wear. The thread that had bound the leather together was gone, leaving only the impression of string etched into its surface.

Gods, how could he have been so stupid not to check it? He should have inspected the pouch daily to make sure it and spell it contained were secure. His stupidity would be the end of him.

He fought against the urge to panic. There was time.

The long aisles stretched the length of the grocery store and disappeared into inky blackness. Boxes lay discarded through the corridors and beady eyes stared at him from deep within the rodent infested mess. He didn’t even want to guess what all lived under the layer of debris.

A shadow flickered overhead to his right and he looked up slowly at the massive black banshee clinging to the ceiling. Her smoky tentacles wove around the steel rigging like a web. Thick black claws wrapped around a pale figure in her grasp. The man’s eyes were open, staring at nothing, mouth slack and body limp. The banshee’s wispy black body rippled in sleep. Her hollow face relaxed and eyes closed after her feast.

Devonn forced the muscles in his shoulders to unwind a notch. A well fed banshee slept sound, not that he wanted to take any chances.

He needed food. He could wait to try and find a way to repair the talisman later. Food was much more important right now.

He scanned the area and his eyes fell on a can of food among of pile of shredded candy wrappers, fresh blood and gum foil under a broken upturned shelf. His mouth watered and he forced himself to look around and take his time. Rushing would get him killed before starvation set in.

Okay, so this blog post was sort of a cop-out. But I can’t always find interesting stuff to post. The excerpt and blurb are pretty good though. 😀

Have a great weekend.


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3 responses to “News from My World.

  1. Sasha Devlin

    Dare I reveal myself as a fangirl and say *everything* you do is interesting?! 😉 I can’t wait for release day! And if you …um….need help with Mitch and Devonn…well, you know where to find me.

  2. cmtorrens

    LOL, Thank you sweetie. I’m glad you like my stuff. I’m still waiting to find something in my inbox from you. I love your stuff too, babe. *refresh-refresh*… *sniffles*

  3. AJ O'Donovan

    good news all around 😀

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