Growing Up Too Soon

My son made a point the other day of telling me that he’ll be eighteen in July. In his words, “I will be a man, soon.” I smiled and nodded trying to ignore that little twinge in my chest.

He’s my baby, and what mother wants her baby to leave? Not me, but he’s excited. So I smile and nod and tell him things I think he should hear and know. I hope I’ve raised him well. He’s happy, funny, respectful, has a positive outlook on life and best of all, he can laugh at himself never taking life too seriously.

He’s making plans to move out after school (he has one more year because he started late) and considering taking a few summer school classes to reduce the hours he has to spend in actual school.

*sigh* My baby’s growing up too soon.

Eighteen is just around the corner and I can’t help but want those years back. Being a mom was tough, I think letting him go might be tougher. I just want more time to ease that growing ache a bit. But that won’t happen. I smile and nod instead and watch him grow up into a fine man.

*sniff* Damn those years go by too fast.


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3 responses to “Growing Up Too Soon

  1. I know just how you feel. My older boys are 22 and 18. But!! My little guy is 5. And in September I will be a grandmother! Hang in there, the sadness never leaves but joy is always brought in!

  2. Aww *hugs* CM 🙂

  3. cmtorrens

    Aww, thanks guys. *hugs*

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