Tuesday’s Inspiration

Before I give you your tasty inspiration, I get to torture you with news. lol I’m being interviewed over at Voirey Linger’s place tomorrow.  You’ll be able to win a free copy of, His Soul To Take, when it comes out the 20th, and listen to me gab.

On to the tasty stuff.

Yummy yummy.

I have this thing for Adrien Brody. There’s something about him I just find irresistible. I think I’ve watched almost every movie he’s been in.

*le sigh*

This isn’t one of the pics, but his eyes. Such soulful eyes. Okay, I’ll stop drooling now, and move on to something else.

How about this wonderful photograph?

Losing Soul by Nicolas Méphane. He’s got some great stuff over at DeviantART.com and here’s his portfolio. Some really nice stuff.

Well, that’s it for this week’s inspiration. Hope it caused some plot bunnies to start jumping around.

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