Things That Go Bump in the Night

I was warned about nightmares. My friend said my upcoming release might create a few. I don’t have them often. And I wouldn’t rank the one I had the other night as an actual ‘nightmare’. More like a bad dream.

I don’t mind bad dreams. They’re a little disturbing, but are great fodder for the plot bunnies. And so, another bunny was created the other night. One about nightmares and obsessions, dream lovers and a bad guy that might not be a bad guy after all. It should be interesting. I put it in the plot bunny hutch with a boatload of carrots. I’m hoping it’ll get fat while I finish the three other WIPs that really need to be done first.

So many bunnies, so little time.

Now, back to work on those three WIPs I do have almost done. Come on muse, don’t let me down. I want one of these beasts out the door by May. Can you do that for me?

Let’s hope so. 🙂

* * *

Friday Last Day Giveaway

Today is the last day to get your name tossed into the hat for a free copy of my new book. I’m over at Voirey Linger’s blog so if you’re interested just toss me a question or comment here. 

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