Inspiration. Caught.

Here it is, this weeks inspiration, and ooh yummy.

I never remember where I find these images. You see my file folder of yumminess is massive, but this was PG-13 and I thought I should share. Just think of all the wonderful stories that could get these two men to this point.

*sigh* Don’t they look like they’ve just been caught?

Maybe we can put them somewhere nice. Maybe even somewhere like this …

Pretty neat, don’t you think? How long do you think it took for all that green to grow over those steps? Quite a while I’d say.

This image, Fallen Beauty, is by everlite (deviant handle), aka David Edwards. You can find his stuff here on his website. He’s got some pretty cool stuff, so check him out. If you’re interested, you can purchase some of his stuff here.

Well, that’s it for this week’s inspiration. Stay tuned for all sorts of interesting stuff this week.


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2 responses to “Inspiration. Caught.

  1. cmtorrens

    😀 I thought they might go together nicely. There’s a story there. Hmmm, plot bunnies. So many bunnies so little time.

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