Tuesday Inspiration – Man, oh Man!

I decided to step into the surreal side. I do adore surreal art. Its a cool twist on the realistic. And sometimes makes you think.

Man, oh man! A friend found this first pic for me. She knows me too well. Hehe. The more you look at it, the naughtier it gets. 😀

Man, I’d give my right arm to see that much action during a game. I’d forget care about the fact that rugby is a game of rules I can’t understand. I’d become a fan for life.

Seriously, we need games like this. Feel the love, baby! Winners and loser both win in this version.


For those unfamiliar with this artist, it just means they didn’t teach you nearly enough in school (no surprise there when it comes to the arts).  This is Salvador Dali’s Metamorphosis  of  Narcissus. As artists go, Dali is almost a household name. And with good reason, his work is amazing.

That’s it for today’s inspiration. Hope you enjoyed your moment in the surreal. 😀

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