Tuesday Inspiration – Friendship

I have three pictures for you today, mostly because I was in a conflicting mood when I wrote this up.

Who doesn’t remember this guy? Josh Holloway from Lost. He reminds me a lot of one of my Heroes in my post apocalypse WIP. Add a little more beef to him and this guy is almost a dead ringer for my Carrick.

I have really got to finish that WIP soon. *pets* I miss him. He’s a great character.


This is Deadly Friendship by photographer Anniken Hannevik . I found her while browsing DeviantArt.com. She’s got some really neat stuff, so check her out. This image seemed to suit my conflicting mood.

Moods like this are great for writing. I tend to get much more inventive when I’m in this sort of mood.


I’m not sure where this image came from, but it fed my muse some interesting plot bunnies. Toss all three together and you should have a nice bit of something to inspire you this week. I know I’ll be writing something interesting if my mood stay like this.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s inspiration. Have a great week!

* * *


I have to take a moment to squee, just because I can. My first major review came out Saturday and much to my relief it was great. Top 2 Bottom Reviews gave, His Soul To Take 4.5 kisses and, if you’re curious, they also tossed a Q & A my way. You can read the interview with me, too.

I’ve got some great reviews on Goodreads as well.  Be careful of spoilers though.

I have to say, I’m pleased someone else besides me and my friends like my story. It does wonders for one’s confidence to see that other people like your work too. This is my first published work, so its very encouraging.

Oh and before I forget, the 1st of June has a great free read for you titled, One Last Goodbye, and I’m also doing Dear Author Hot July Days over at the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads. It should be lots of fun.


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2 responses to “Tuesday Inspiration – Friendship

  1. I didn’t watch Lost (long story), but I have to admit it had some super HOT guys. And your inspiration is totally appreciated (sighs).

    Congrats on the great reviews. That must be really exciting!


    • cmtorrens

      Thanks! And yes, I’m still floating, lol.

      Glad you liked this week’s inspiration. Have a great week!

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