Tuesdays Inspiration – Fighters

I was sort of not watching MMA fighting the other day when the other half had it on. I was torn. Watch handsome men beat each other senseless and risk drolling all over the couch, or walk out of the room. I did the latter. You see my cuddly bear gets twitchy if I stare too long at other men, even if it is just on TV. He’s cute and gets all pouty-like and starts grumbling a bit about the fact that he’s in his mid-forties and not the tank I married. It’s sweet, but I still think he’s good looking, better in fact with age, which I’ve told him repeatedly.

However, that’s besides the point and you want to see this week’s inspiration. Well since fighting was on my mind I found this in my files.

A handsome fighter to drool over. I mean, what’s not to like? Tattoos, well defined body, a half hidden expression there, like he’s trying to hold something back.

So cute.

Did I mention ink? I do have a real fondness for art on the skin. *sigh*

And because fights lead to fireworks I found this.


This image I found while browsing Deviantart.com (no surprise right?). The colors and play with light and dark are really very well done.

This piece is, Rescue From Underworld, by artist Rocío Gómez. Really nice work.

Well, I hope this inspired your week. See you next Tuesday!

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