Tuesday Inspiration

Good morning and happy Tuesday. I had to scramble this morning to try and find something. I usually schedule these ahead of time, but this week has been hectic.

Anyway, here we go, on to the yummies.

How about some Vin Diesel for your viewing pleasure? Now that man has some serious and  moobage. Yes, moob is my new favorite word. Man-boob for those who aren’t familiar with the term.

He would so make the perfect hero. All those yummy little ripples is all the right places. I will have to model a hero after him at some point.

*le sigh*

How about a setting to feed that hero plot bunny I see growing?

I found this while browsing deviantart.com. A nice little spooky place in the middle of nowhere. The artist is Eric Matthew Gustafson you can find him on his deviantart profile or his website Antilimit.com. This piece here is called Prisoner II. He really does have a fantastic eye.

I love when I come across artists like this. His portfolio is very impressive, and well worth browsing.

Well, that’s it for this week’s Inspiration. I hope Vin Diesel and this abandoned house give you something to feed this week’s plot bunnies. Have a great week!

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