Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

I’ve had a long separation from writing recently. Computer troubles and then a family vacation, getting back into the swing of things hasn’t been easy. But anyway, I’m back and as usual, I have some Tuesday inspiration for you. Enjoy.

In keeping with the title, here’s something I found while browsing. 

Oh so close. I can see the plot bunnies sprouting up already. With the crowd in the background, what better way to declare one’s affection than in front of a thousand screaming fans?

Hehe. I’m a sucker for that moment right before the kiss. All that tension and lust. *le sigh* Gotta love it.

I found this second one while browsing DeviantArt. It seemed to me a great first meeting place for these two. Such a stunning sky it drew me in immediately.

This image is by Dan Snyder. He’s got a great eye with the camera. You can find his stuff at DeviantArt. This piece is called Baseball HDR.

Anyway, I hope I’ve stirred your imagination and flushed out some plot bunnies. Have a great day and see you next Tuesday for more inspiration.

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