Return to the Norm

This week has been a return to the norm for me. I’ve got my computer issues worked out, family vacation is over, and school is back in session. To say it’s a relief is an understatement.

The ritual of getting up before dawn every morning has been comforting. I didn’t realize how much I missed the ritual or how the lack of it had effected my ability to write, but it did. I couldn’t really figure out what the problem was until I started getting back into the habit just before school stated.

The quiet of the morning, my hour before getting the kid out of bed, has always been my favorite time. It’s cool and quiet, the coffee is hot and fresh during that wake up hour. I may do little writing at all, but set myself up for the day. I decide on my plan of attack and ponder what I wrote the previous day before shaking the kid and doing the morning rituals that comes with school.

It’s after the kids and hubby are gone and the house is quiet that I really begin to attack work for the day, but sleeping in during the summer threw me off my game more than I realized. I missed that morning hour to clear my head and just ponder my work.

This summer has been rough. The lack of progress on my current projects more than a little frustrating. But now that my ritual is back, I’m feel a million times better. I’m back in the groove of things and progress is being made in spade. With any luck I’ll have another WIP out the door begging for attention on some editor’s desk soon.

I hope everyone had a great summer and an even better fall to come.

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