Heroes and a Battlefield

I wanted a man in uniform today so I went in search of something sexy and found this attractive image.

I’m in the mood to see some heroes today. There isn’t nearly enough of them to go around. The whole sacrificing ones self for others thing is just sexy.

This one is handsome, isn’t he? I always did have a fondness for firefighters. They are one of the modern day heroes. They fight fires and save the day by pulling people out of deadly situation. The bravery that requires is incredible.

And who can forget  the other modern day heroes out there? Like say … the military.


Drop and give me 50!

50 what I have yet to decide, but my mind does wander in some interesting directions.

Gotta love men who risk their lives for something they believe in. Physically strong and mentally focused, oh yes, definitely hero material here.

Well, since I’ve given you some hero ideas, I had to add some sort of setting, didn’t I?

How about a battlefield?

The hazy light in the background and charred earth. The black and white really makes things pop.

This image is called The Battle of Evermore by the artist Alex Teselsky. I found him when browsing deviantart this morning. He has some really great stuff and you can buy his prints too.

That’s about it from me today. I hope these images gave you some great inspiration this week. Now go forth and create something fantastic!

See you next week!

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