Sizzling Scenes

I was reading some of my old sex scenes the other day. It’s very rare that I find that I like them. Not to say that they’re bad but they’re mine and I’m always so critical of my own stuff.

When it comes to other people’s work, I allow myself to just enjoy the passion on the page. It’s more than insert tab A into slot B. Its that first kiss, the touch of rough hands over soft skin, the hiss of clothing dropping away and the tickle of hot breath over sensitive skin. But besides all those wonderful physical things, its emotional too.

The characters have to be emotionally invested. Those touches have to mean more than just getting ones rocks off (though that can be fun to read too). When it comes to romance, the sex has to mean something.

Not an easy balance to shove into one sex scene, especially when the mood can range from desperate to tender and everything in between.

One of these days I might get to the point where I like my sex scenes and don’t need a friend’s confirmation to tell me when a scene sizzles or flops. Until then, I’ll fumble around and try to get that balance right, and hope my beta readers don’t cringe at my attempt to put it all together.

Well, back to the grindstone for me. I’ll be staring at the computer screen trying to orchestrate something with a little sizzle.

Have a great weekend.

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