The Push To Finish

I don’t know what’s been my problem lately. I can’t seem to focus and new words are like pulling teeth. I have three WIPs close to finished but I can’t seem to force myself to finish any of them. This is what I get for having three stories this close to done, I can’t decide which to work on. I work a little on Story One, then say, well Story Two is closer to being done, and work on that one, then I think, well, I could probably finish Story Three if I just focus on it, and of course I waste a little time there, only to start all over and open Story One again.

The problem is, I know I should just pick one and finish, but finishing for me is hard. It takes me forever to write that build up and make the final decisions in my wip so the ending is satisfying and ‘right’ for the story. Mostly because, once I write it, it doesn’t change much, no matter how many times I rewrite, the ending is my anchor. Once it’s written, it might as well be written in stone because the story is then ‘set’ in my mind. No other ending will work.

Being at that point in three different WiPs is brain numbing. I have the urge to play with all the shiny little plot bunnies wandering around. They look so cute and they give me those adorable imploring eyes that say, “Write me, I’m cute! I have paranormal tendencies. See? Watch me show you something new. I could be your new favorite.”

Damn bunnies and their inability to stay in their hutch until wanted. I would try and bolt the plot bunny hutch shut, but my bunnies are often paranormal, dark or otherwise capable of escaping such attempts. And, to be honest, I’m afraid they’d escape and abandon me for good.

*sigh* I guess I just need to put on my big girl panties and get ‘er done. Time to make a decision and get to work. It’s decision time! But how to choose?

Eenie, meenie, minie moe … Damn it, what’d I tell you plot bunnies? Back to the hutch with you!

😉 Have a great weekend!

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