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So, I was browsing Devantart.com and found some amazing graffiti art that I just had to share. My brother was a pretty good with a spray can in his youth, but these are amazing. I do wish more tagging was like this.

This was both adorable and fantastic. I had to share when I saw it. The artist is Telmo Pieper, from the Neitherlands. The image is called Time Line Detail. I’m not sure if he did the work himself or just took the photo, either way, its amazing and worth sharing.

This second one is just as awesome, and a photograph. The colors and lighting and shadows are really great. He almost looks to be a part of the image he’s working on.

The photographer is Berker Dalmış and the piece is called, Graffiti One. A really nice piece, and I hope both of these inspired you this week.

Enjoy! See you next week!


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2 responses to “Tagged, You’re it!

  1. Oh wow, I thought the two above were actual kids let loose on an old wall. It took clicking on it to view the larger picture in order to realize it. The only way the 2nd could be as impressive after that is if the shadow, or the man painting were also made of spray paint *giggle*

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. cmtorrens

    Glad you like it. 😀

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