Music to Sooth the Writing Beast

I haven’t been writing to music for weeks, but while looking for something I happened to pop up media player on random and got a song I hadn’t heard in awhile. The mood was perfect for the scene before my battle. Soft and sad, they don’t expect to live, and someone will die … the perfect music.

I quickly put the song on repeat plugged in my headphones and began to type.

It’s not often that a song strikes the perfect note, but when it does, it really does help my writing. I let myself focus on the mood rather than the action of the scene. I add setting and try to bring it all together to create the feel I want.

I don’t always write to music. It can be distracting and pull me out of the scene I’m trying to build. But then there are those times when a song just says it all and I want to put that exact emotion in my piece. So I plug in my headphones close my door and hope the kids, husband and dogs can just let me write for an hour or two before that perfect mood is shattered.

Wanna see my current soundtrack? You have to promise not to laugh, its an eclectic mix, you have been warned. šŸ˜€

Set The Fire to The Third Bar – Snow Patrol

Warm Whispers – Missy Higgins

Bleed Like Me – Trapt

Strawberry Gashes – Jack off Jill

Chrysalis – Diary of Dreams

The Bleeding – Five Finger Death Punch

I Hate Everything About You – Three Days Grace

Bullets and Butterfly Wings – Smashing Pumpkins

Let it Die – Ozzy Osbourne

Immortal – Adema

Voodoo – Godsmack (fantastic in concert btw)

Falling Away From Me | Twisted Transistor – Korn

Okay, those are some of the songs that are on my playlist for my current wip.

So, to all those writers and aspiring writers out there, do you write to a soundtrack? Do you have special songs that helpĀ inspireĀ a character or certain scenes? What about you readers? Would you want to know an author’s soundtrack while you read?

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