Street Life

I have a fondness for street photography so I thought I’d post a couple this week.

This first one is, Two of a Kind by Koby Harati. The photograph was taken in Tel-Aviv, Irsael.

I just loved it and had to post.



This second one is called, Shadow by Ömür Yilmaz from Turkey. He’s got some great pics in his gallery so be sure and take a peek. Some very interesting editorial shots, well worth taking a look at.



Last but not least, this one of a man.

This photo is Young Finnish Men — Janne, by Jenni Tapanila (suzi9mm). She says she found him on the bus and the only model she picked up off the street. I don’t blame her, his face is fantastic. Love the whole look of this young man. There’s just something about him that draws you in.

Okay and that’s this week’s inspiration. Hope you found something to get those creative juices flowing. Have a great week!


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2 responses to “Street Life

  1. cmtorrens

    Thanks sweetie. 🙂

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