Finding Ideas in Strange Places

I took a friend’s advice when trying to decide on what to write about this week. She said, find a random article and write something writerly about it. Great idea. Shh, don’t tell her. It’ll go to her head and she’s already starting to grow horns.

So, I went to Twitter, my favorite stand by for interesting articles, but after 9pm, it seemed like my usual channels of news articles had dried up. I was left lacking an article, but not the idea.

It’s true, we writers find ideas in odd places. News articles are especially interesting. I saw one earlier about Robins spreading West Nile Virus and had a thought about this Sci-fi romance that I have on the back burner. What would happen if an Earth virus struck another planet and it mutated? This planet is a penal colony filled with a bunch of hardened criminals and political prisoners (this is a story that previously mentioned friend has been bugging me to write). It would probably drive off the guards (which I need to do anyway) and cause all sorts of nastiness, which is always a plus.

Presto! Instant idea. Only problem being that particular wip isn’t slated for actual writing until a couple of others are off my long list of books that need writing.


Yes, I am blaming said friend for this plot bunny growth even if she didn’t actually point me in the direction of the article. Why? Well, because I can for one, and for two she keeps mentioning that particular wip and making me want to write it.


Yes, you know who you are. And yes, I know you’re laughing at me, so you can stop now, before those horns of yours keep growing and start giving your neck and back problems.

Have a great weekend and hopefully, I’ll be able to keep that plot bunny from latching on, at least for a little while.


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2 responses to “Finding Ideas in Strange Places

  1. This friend of hers. I may know her. She’d want you to have something, to feed your bunny.

  2. cmtorrens

    *sigh* Woman, you are lucky I love you. lol

    *ponders if I can somehow squeeze said SFR into my list of things to get done this coming year*

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