It’s Play Time!

I have so missed my play time and finally took a small break earlier this week to fit some in.

After hours and hours of editing and rewriting and writing stories I know I must finish, there comes a time when I need to relax my brain. These are the times I really remember why I do what I do. I sit down and just write whatever comes to mind. I don’t care about grammar, or structure, or writing an actual story. I never think very hard about the characters involved and focus only on one thing. A kiss, a setting, a phrase that inspired me, or a photo can all lead to some interesting little snippets. These little snippets will probably never see the light of day but they do inspire new stories, new ideas and help me work out problems in plots.

I love my play time. I need to remember to do it more often. It helps keep the stress at bay when I write just for the fun of it. It reminds me how much I love to write. Which is, of course, why I became an author in the first place.

So, anyone else do a version of writers play time?

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One response to “It’s Play Time!

  1. I almost never take a break from writing, and when I do, I usually have no idea how to spend the time. But most of my stories are what I want to write; I play with the characters, with their relationships, and so on until I end up with something I like. And then I tweak it so one of my publishers will like it too.

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