Eww, the P-word!

Yes, I said it. Me of all people. The woman who runs at the sight of the word and cowers into a corner at the very mention of it.

Me. I’ve been … plotting. *shudders*

I put plotting right up there with the dreaded S-word (synopsis) as two of my least favorite things  in the world to do. But it had to be done, and I’m still sort of doing it.

Book 1 of my m/m horror-romance books, In Darkness Series, is finally ready to see the light of an editor’s desk. This means plotting book 2, as well as the story arc, is a must. Since my original idea flopped after rewrites this required much thinking and brainstorming and yes, plotting.

I have a deep dislike of plotting. Here’s why. It requires knowing things. For me, writing is only fun if I can discover the story with my characters along the way. So I have to be very very careful about how much I plot. The moment I know too much, is the moment I lose interest and my muse decides he no longer likes the ideas in my head. Everything starts sounding stupid and predictable.

But there’s another reason. One that probably hindered my writing and being published more than anything else. It was told to me a very long time ago, that there was a certain way people should write. That it had to be all organized and plotted and thought out before you wrote the first word.

… Yeah, that didn’t work for me. It took me years to figure out that plotting just wasn’t my thing, because I thought I HAD to plot things out.

So, I run from the word plot like one might run from a building when people scream fire.

I’ve learned from that mistake. Learned not to listen to people telling me how I need to finish a project. Still, that word scares the shit out of me. So, I keep my plotting is vague. I’ve found the map and made a decision on where I’ll end up, but I’m being very careful not to chart the route between point A and point B, because the moment I do, the ideas will dry up.

Any now that the map is in hand its time to see what my handsome pair of men will find along the way. I fully expect much trouble, death, horror and new creepy-crawlies to run across their path and hopefully a hefty drop of yummy romance along the way.


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2 responses to “Eww, the P-word!

  1. jarrah dale

    I hear ya. I love the dark side too much to switch. Nothing kills a funny, interesting character faster than a worksheet! And nothing ensures a plot will go all wiggly on you like a good outline. But what the hell, we keep tyring new things. Writers are inventive! Good luck 🙂

  2. cmtorrens

    Thanks hon. 🙂

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