Lighting a Fire to Inspire

Okay, it a poor rhyme but you clicked the link so you’re at least a little curious what this week has to offer. Since last week was water, I thought I’d do fire this week.

These vary from the strange and morbid to damn cool. This first one is Watching You Burn by NaiveCrimson (Kaz) over at

I love the sharp contrast of the foreground and background and the lighting is pretty cool. The mood is nice touch of horror that I really liked.

The artist has some other cool stuff so don’t be shy when you visit his galley.


This next one is a fireman. I found him on google. *sigh* Who doesn’t like a hero? gotta have a hero for those budding plot bunnies I’ve so generously given you. 😀 He even has tattoos, which for me is a huge plus. I love ink on a man.

So, now you have your hero and a villain and a crime. Sounds like a story to me. lol Drop by and tell me how it all works out in the end.

Have a great week!

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